Monday, January 22, 2007


Rotting Christ: Theogonia
Kickass album , surely not the best by RC , worth listening IMO !!
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The County Medical Examiners : Olidous Operettas
Nice and neat stuff !!
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Watain : Sworn Of The Dark
Some neat and raw black metal stuff !! New band for me , but yeah 'Sworn Of The Dark' have some killer and brutal riffs !!
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Saturday, December 02, 2006

I love the original sound of a band

I love the early sound of some killer bands like ... autopsy , cryptopsy , cynic , atheist , Dimmu Borgir , Dissection , Obituary .

So what ???

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Indian Extreme Metal Patch

This is mainly the Indian extreme metal patch .... some goregrind ,death metal and some melo death. I am very excited to post them here. Comments are welcome.


Narsil : Prelude to Execution : Death metal band from delhi , this song is from the upcoming EP

Gruesome Malady : Infected with virulent seed : Grindcore band from banglore ... title song of the album Infected with virulent seed .... any gore lover around :P

Grey : Severed Dreams : This is single member black metal band ... preety underground through.

Demonic Resurrection : A Darkness Descends : A song from the album 'A Darkness Descends' ... They play mixture of power/death .... good vocals and some nice melo keyboards.

Exhumation : Racial Slaughter : Grindcore stuff ....

MyndSnare : Layers of Hypocrisy : From the EP 'A Preliminary Quest' .. old school death metal ... the have released a sinle EP only , i just love this song.

IIIrd Sovereign : Everlasting Burn : Song from the Demo 'Everlasting Burn' ... Another Death metal act from delhi.


Narsil :

Gruesome Malady :

Grey :
No official link or website , i know the guy Anupam personally .... let me know how was the song.

Demonic Resurrection :

Exhumation :

MyndSnare :

IIIrd Sovereign :

Comments are welcome :)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Demilich - Nespithe

There are tons of good death metal bands .. few of the legendry death metal bands are death, morbid angel, atheist ... but seriously this band is different from ordinary death metal bands. I dont know why i love them so much .. agree with they are fking talnted or maybe because they are underground ;).They are genius , i repeate they are fking incredible. They play technical death metal band and they PWN most of the tech dm bands.

The album is full of memorable riffs , complex structure and low pitch gutterals. The vocals sounds very unique , most of the people say that the vocals sucks ... it seems like a dying bleeding guy asking for some sorta help , who cant even able to pronounciate the words properly. But IMO the vocalist 'Antti Boman' is brilliant , supurb and the only piece of this kinda harrsh glutteral voice. The song structures are very unqiue you cant say that same song is been repeated is the same or other fashion ( as it happens in most of the Dream Threater and COB albums ) .Totally brilliant feeling and i am damn sure if you love death metal then , you will bow down to this band DEMILICH.

This album is worth listening , i repeate Nespithe is worth listening. Download the full length album from the official website. Since they are underground , everything is free .. also they have other EP's in their official website ... all free for download.haha the best thing is available for free. Download the album and listen it , i sware you will be doing yourself a favor by checking them out.

Album Rating 10/10.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Acrid Semblane - From the Oblivion

Indian is not so rich , specially when we are talking about the rock n roll culture. But anyways its getting better and better. There are not many extreme metal bands in India .. some of the good worth mentioning extreme metal bands are Narsil , Infernal Wrath , IIIrd Sovereign , DR, MyndSnare , Exhumation and few more ... so his album was most awaited album of the year along with IIIrd Sovereign's album , Narsil'EP and Infernal Wrath's EP.

The album contains 9 songs , most of them are good. Good in terms of structure , solos and riffs ... my favorite song is Running for eternity and Burn the ashes. The most annoying thing was the small clips of keyboard solos between the song. Keyboard is krieg agree but donno why that keyboard part really sucks .. total COB feel. Acrid arts is one of the song , which was enjoyable until the keyboard solo comes ..ehhh ?! Buy any ways thats just me .. haha.. just my taste.

Overall the album is good , worth listening in 120 bucks ... apart from the keyboard solo's the whole album is tight and few of the riffs are memorable.A healthy dose of melo death with lots of keyboards. Hope that Acrid guys come with some more kickass stuff next time. This album is not 100% of what they really are .. atleast i was expecting much more then Acrid guys.Drink beer and Stay metalhead.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Narsil ... Rise of extreme metal

Was there in cafe morrison around 8:20 , Narsil guys were busy with soundchecking and other things. Seriously it was a LONG time , the most awaiting band till now ... now Narsil is no more underground ( i love underground stuff Razz ). The soundcheck was on , saw mayank ( black illusion ) in front... screaming Narsil Nasril and i seconded him. Shaswat was kinda nervous when i said , abe fat to nahin rahi !! Laughing . They didnt started the show until Anupam was satisfied with the sound check and other things ... and then Shaswat's first Growl .... OMG .

Anupam and desecrator were like two bloodsucker axeman kicking all deathmetlars ass. First song was 'prelude to execution' and his song PNWS , was much better then the CD version Very Happy . Shawat's vocals are really good , kinda Immolataion-Psychoptic mixture ... unique and brillaint. I have to say that he is the best extreme metal vocalist around ( maaf karna sahil bhai , we still love your vocals). Then some arphenogenia,smoke on the water ( holy faaaaak Twisted Evil ... immolation vocals in this song ) and few covers as well. Overall a Brilliant setlist and killer performance , they are surely the BEST death metal band follwed by IIIrd Sovereign , IF and DR ..


Monday, May 29, 2006

May You Rock - Undying Inc , Prestorika and IIIrd Sovereign at TC !!

Finally i managed to catch delhi's death metal band IIIrd Sovereign , after listening the EP 'Horrified Visions' was dying to see this band LIVE.

First band on stage was Undying Inc , thrash metal band from delhi. I have two song by them , Existance Failure and New Release , both the songs are good. They played OC and 2 cover song .. the sound system was kinda fucked up but they still managed to performe great. Vocalist was good and so was the drummer !! In the end they played Sepultura's 'Territorry' and other 'Domination' song , fucked the territorry song :P ... but seriously the stage act and the OC's was good. Surprisingly they did a great job or say it was my first Undying Inc so wasnt expecting much with the band.

Next was Prestorika , another delhi's favorite band.They play all OC set .. all song from the EP ' Emergence'. All prestorika song was good and enjoyable , they also played my favorite song 'Shameless Pride' :P. Lokesh was good and was doing great job along with other band members.In the end they covered some Megadeth track ' Sweating Bullets' .. nothing great , so-so type cover. and anothe Vision' was dying to see these killer bands LIVE.The show was in Turquoise Cottage , its a small pub .. but seriously this place is awesome for small gigs as well.Two more bands were there Undying Inc and Prestorika ... love the whole thing.. good bands , small place , always crowded and lots and lots of BEER ... What else you want !!

Time for the last band of the night IIIrd Sovereign .. but they gotta time to play 5 songs only !! Any ways this band was too good .. love the vocals and the drummer Rebum was great .. powerful and supurb. They played 4 OC's all song of the EP 'Horrified Visions' and one song by Cannibal fking Corpse... such a blasting set .. they all did a brilliant job and .... beside this Anshuman's [ guitarist] friends were screaming " Pappu ki jai ho " .. haha ... All Pappu's friend was making fun out of him .. came to know that his g/f didnt came other wise .... blah blah blah. Any ways they were great and the IIIrd Sovereign performance were tight , very brutal and blasting. All hail this Delhi death metal band !!